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A man wakes up from a coma after a terrible accident, thinking his ordeal is over A teenager feels drawn to an abandoned hospital despite the terrifying things he experiences there. S02E08 []. A medical examiner's assistant is chilled by the strange death that he and his boss are investigating. S02E09 []. A man's ex-girlfriend goes to extreme lengths to try and win him back after their messy breakup. A man's abusive older brother returns from the military to live in his house, bringing something terrifying along with him.

A teenager goes to see a psychic after a nighttime visitor that haunted him during his youth begins visiting him again. S02E10 []. After moving into a house that once belonged to a poet, a family finds boxes and boxes of poems about a malevolent ghost that supposedly haunts the place. A single father comes home from work late one night to find the babysitter missing and his crying son insisting that monsters came out and ate her.

In the distant future, a worker at a behavioral studies center learns just how far technology has advanced after a robot starts showing signs of emotion. A new employee at an old office building is warned by his coworkers to never work late - a warning that he soon regrets ignoring. A security guard at a psychiatric hospital hates working in the basement security room, especially after seeing strange things on the cameras late at night. S02E11 [].

79 Hollywood and Media Heavyweights Accused of Sexual Misconduct Since Harvey Weinstein

After a seemingly happy inventor commits suicide, his distraught grandson searches his workshop for the reason he ended his life. A bartender develops a relationship with a woman he meets in a bar, and they communicate via webcam - that is, until the man begins noticing a dark figure in the corner of her room every time she signs on. S02E12 []. A man working late at night in his home office hears a strange voice cooing at his daughter through the baby monitor on his desk.

Told through a series of emails, a cop recalls a horrifying encounter with a lost little girl who claimed to have eaten her entire family. A former school bus driver recalls a strange, quiet boy who used to board his bus every morning. A college student is horrified by his elderly uncle's story of the creatures that stalked him, his family, and several other families in the winter of A horror movie aficionado gets more than he bargained for when he attends a midnight screening of a new horror movie.

S02E13 []. A man sees a strange sight very early one morning: an old man leading several dogs and cats that begin peering into the houses on his street. An animal control officer realizes he is not as alone when he tries to release some animals into a stretch of woods near an abandoned graveyard.

A teenager is convinced that a friendly old woman who lives in his town is responsible for the disappearance of a young boy. Season 2 Bonus Episode 02 Halloween []. In a story told in second person, you meet a girl at a club, who takes you to her apartment, where you pass out - and wake up in a horrifying situation. While in high school, a young man is enraptured by a frightening tale told by his favorite teacher on Halloween.

Years later, he sets out to prove once and for all if his teacher's story was true or not. S02E14 []. A man, after watching a strange video on the deep web, finds himself being stalked by a mysterious creature. A college student, jealous of his brother's artistic ability, wishes for drawing skills just as good as his - which he gets, but at a terrible price. A young man is tormented throughout his school career by a girl named Anna who injures herself and blames the wounds on him. A man wakes up one night to find a creature standing beside his bed that looks exactly like his young son.

S02E15 []. A young woman, whose brother was killed in a drunk driving accident, has an unsettling encounter with a friend of her brother's who was in the car at the time. In this short tale, a man tells a story about his friend, and the strange visitor he received in his apartment one night. A girl's parents buy an island with a small cottage on it, and life seems idyllic until the girl's parents start becoming neglectful and come home every night sopping wet.

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A man from a foreign country recalls a strange friend his mother had: a woman who would offer him a rotten orange while cooing in a childlike voice. S02E16 []. An unemployed construction worker takes on an unusual job from an old man: digging deep holes in a thick forest to catch a monster. A man recalls the nights of his youth when his dad would come into his room and promise to keep him safe from monsters. A college student receives unsettling calls from a mysterious woman who keeps telling her she needs to get out of her house.

A nurse at a psychiatric hospital tells the tale of a patient who was arrested after he killed his brother, claiming he was an imposter who replaced him. S02E17 Christmas []. A mall Santa's encounter with a young girl and her widowed mother has unforeseeable consequences. S02E18 []. After a car accident, a man stumbles inside a snowbound house for help but is disturbed by the lack of occupants.

A teenager witnesses the violent death of his friend and is shocked to see him show up, perfectly healthy, at school the next day. S02E19 []. As a prank, a college student abandons his friends in a mountain cabin. The prank goes horribly wrong when a snowstorm traps them in the cabin for a week with no food or water. A family moves into a new home, and everything goes well until the young daughter begins complaining of terrible nightmares. A mother is emotionally and psychologically destroyed by the disappearances of her two children.

Told through a series of discovered emails, the lives of two people disintegrate as they become the victims of an entity known only as "The Long Face. A man recalls working at his grandfather's cemetery and the horrifying encounter he had with a woman who was apparently buried alive. S02E20 []. A college student receives a phone call from his mother, with terrible news: his father has just been arrested for murder. A man learns the connection between the horrifying events that occurred in his town when he was a boy and the death of a notorious pedophile many years earlier.

In the first of a trio of tales from author Michael Whitehouse, a man recalls the strange creature that lived in his room when he was a child. This second in a trio of tales from author Michael Whitehouse deals with a construction worker's frustration with the fact that his building crew won't venture into a certain underground tunnel. The final story in Michael Whitehouse's trilogy episode; a man visits a graveyard and stumbles across the grave of a girl whom he had a crush on during high school.

S02E21 []. Two young brothers fail to heed their father's warning about venturing out into the fields late at night. A man recalls a late night game of hide and seek that he and his friends played at an abandoned playground. A man begins to wonder who the mysterious presence that haunted him as a child was when his mother is found violently killed. A college student's Colombian roommate tells him a childhood story from his own country about how the death of his cousin was closely tied with a notorious drug. S02E22 [].

Curious Beginnings - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 1

A medical student is deeply disturbed by his egotistical roommate's quest for scientific immortality. A college student keeps receiving texts that name things as he walks past them A man goes to stay at his friend's house, but he has to stay in the attic bedroom - outside of which his friend's wife's uncle constantly paces around, crying and moaning. A high schooler, after being released from the mind control that aliens have placed upon the world, finds herself on a barren, decimated wasteland where the residents think everything is perfectly normal around them.

S02E23 []. A security camera installer goes to meet a coworker to install cameras in a new building, but when he arrives, the cameras have already been installed and the coworker is nowhere to be found. In a busy city in India, a man who recently lost his daughter insists a demon possessed and killed her.

S02E24 []. A man recalls a childhood incident where he was trapped in a snowbound cabin with his grandmother and the strange creatures that appeared outside the windows. S02E25 []. A group of drunk college students make a late night run to Jack in the Box A young woman recalls the horrifying discovery her older brother made while going to fix a telephone line at a secluded farm.

A couple on the verge of divorce visits a haunted house attraction.

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At first, the husband is only bored by it A paranoid man who lives in a basement apartment is convinced that the world has been taken over by aliens after not seeing or hearing from anyone for three days. S03E01 []. A man recalls his childhood visits to his grandmother's farm - and the strange old woman he would see dancing in the fields at night. A grieving father explains the connection between his young daughter's disappearance and the doors painted into the walls, floors, and ceilings of their new home.

S03E02 []. A single mother boards a bus for a late-night ride home, but is concerned when the only other passenger is a mysterious stranger with a hood over their face. A young mother looks into her video baby monitor one day and sees a smiling creature crouched under her daughter's crib. A science teacher, desperate to find an experiment that will keep his rowdy class interested, takes everything one step too far.

Season 03 Bonus 01 2nd Anniversary []. S03E03 []. A teenager that delivers meat at a butcher shop is ordered to go to a strange house in a cemetery. A worker at a popular clothing store's call center has an unsettling conversation with an old woman. A boy spends a traumatic night in a bunk that he and his recently deceased friend used to share.

A mentally handicapped old woman goes grocery shopping one day, and hears the eggs in the dairy isle talking to her. S03E04 []. A group of young boys' trip to a mountain cabin goes horribly wrong when the drunken group decides to play a game of Russian Roulette. A man buys a set of headphones off the internet, but soon discovers he can hear his neighbors' telephone conversations through them. A woman moves into the house where her abusive older brother used to live before his death - and wonders if his presence still lingers. A man and his girlfriend find themselves deathly ill after finding a hollow egg inside their fridge.

A man is disturbed by the strange noises and awful smells he experiences coming from his roommate's room late every night. A teenager accepts a babysitting job, but when she arrives at the house late at night, no one is there. S03E05 []. A fortune teller gives a young man vague details about something she claims is planning to kill him. A man tells the gruesome tale about how he survived a massacre that occurred in an abandoned mineshaft.

A worker at a hospital comes to realize that the suicide of one of his coworkers is tied to a certain room where a hard-to-please patient passed away years before. S03E06 []. A man decides to exact a chilling revenge on a hypocritical friend who preaches the importance of giving to charity. Two college students interview an old sea captain locked up in a mental hospital for the murder of an entire family on their luxury yacht.

A woman recalls an incident from her childhood where the disappearance of over forty children had a connection with the fan club of a popular kids' show. A man, after suffering a horrible accident, realizes he can hear the voices of the fates, otherworldly beings that decide what happens to every human being on earth.

A man who recently went through a messy divorce finds himself stalked by a ghostly woman whom he feels inexplicably drawn to. S03E07 []. A young man home alone receives frequent phone calls from his brother after he the brother is in a car accident. A man's intense fear of showering can be traced back to a horrifying incident from his childhood. A young girl, while visiting her aunt's house, is strongly warned to never go up to the third floor of the mansion.

A family, grieving from the death of their eccentric matriarch, is struck by disturbing events after finding voodoo totems hidden around her huge mansion. A duo of urban explorers decide to investigate a dilapidated hotel that was quickly abandoned after it opened for an unknown reason. S03E08 []. A man becomes obsessed with finding the meaning behind a station that he constantly hears playing on his radio.

A man asleep in his bed one night receives a phone call from his girlfriend, asking him to let her into their apartment. A young woman who suffers from sleepwalking night terrors goes to see a doctor but begins to question his motives when her nightmares get continually worse. A hiking instructor leads seven people on a midnight hike to a lake - but on the way back, they are joined by a malevolent presence.

S03E09 [].

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Asks, ‘Are We on a Male Witch Hunt?’

A young couple, out for a drive in the forest, stumble upon a terrifying creature that follows them home. An old man visits a junkyard every Friday night to give milk and cookies to the ghost of a lonely little girl he met as a child. Three students terrorize a substitute teacher during their youth, and two of them end up having horrible lives - is it a coincidence or is the teacher getting revenge? A man's grandfather recounts a chilling ordeal that he and his entire squad suffered through during WW2. A woman's belief in God can be traced back to a series of disturbing events that happened during a long-ago summer at her bible camp.

S03E10 []. A man suffers heat stroke during a concert in Japan; as his symptoms get worse, a mysterious shadow starts stalking him. An unemployed man takes a job as a night watchman at a sinister clinic where sleep studies are conducted. A young woman who works at a daycare is disturbed by the strange behavior of one father as he drops his daughter off one day. Throughout his life, a man comes to learn that he has a knack for stumbling upon places where disturbing events happened long ago. S03E11 []. A variety of authors share extremely short tales involving strange museums, odd haunted houses, and weird operations, among other topics.

A psychologist examines a decorated soldier who was clinically dead for thirty seconds to determine why he brutally slaughtered his whole squadron. A man's town is slowly deserted over time as nighttime attacks from a mysterious creature escalate. A young boy, trying to impress his friend, ventures into an abandoned warehouse where a red light always burns. S03E12 []. A husband in a strained relationship with his wife wakes up one morning to find a window in the wall of the bedroom A college student, home for the holidays, stays in his sister's old bedroom - a room where she claims she saw shadowy figures every night.

A woman waiting for her boyfriend to come home from his late-night job is tormented by a constant banging noise coming from somewhere outside her house. A woman whose sister recently passed away receives a stack of letters by her, to be opened on specific dates. A former paperboy recalls a chilling incident that transpired during an early-morning delivery route. Season 03 Bonus 02 Halloween []. A man walking home from work late at night finds himself stalked by two people: a crying teenage girl and a threatening voice that says it wants to kill him.

A doctor agrees to meet a girl with an eating disorder - but she gets stuck in the elevator on the way up to his office. A man opens his door one Halloween night to see a deathly pale child that asks to use his bathroom. Two friends take the wrong exit one Halloween night and find themselves lost in a deserted town. A man is disturbed by a pair of silent trick-or-treaters that visit his house on Halloween night. A man takes his wife's younger siblings to a haunted house attraction - a venue where one of his classmates vanished mysteriously twenty years before.

S03E13 []. A man recalls a strange dream he would have periodically during his childhood involving a strange girl who would chase him through the woods.

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Two siblings doubt the validity of an urban legend until it starts showing signs of coming true. S03E14 []. A man shares an odd experience he had when he accepted a late-night job interview at an old factory. S03E15 Christmas []. After finding out that his unfaithful ex-girlfriend has died, a man decides to visit the school where she worked and discovers that although she has passed away, she may not have passed on A man has a horrifying experience while trying to get in a little early shopping for the holidays.

A chilling encounter leads one man to discover just how far some people take the concept of "naughty" and "nice. One man takes it upon himself to protect his community from people who would defile the holiday season. One year after the death of his beloved wife, a man learns the horrible truth about what caused her untimely passing.

S03E16 []. After receiving an old CB radio from his grandfather, a young man begins talking to a stranger who comes from farther away than the boy could have ever imagined. A young woman notices that she acts and feels differently after a terrible accident lands her in the hospital.

A counselor tells a group of boy scouts a creepy old campfire legend - one that turns out to be more true than originally thought. S03E17 []. A man who likes to sit on a bench near a lake by his house sees ghostly lights floating in the woods across the water. A young man interviews his grandfather about a frightening occurrence he witnessed in an isolated campsite back in A renowned psychologist is assigned to the case of a young boy who can't stop hearing voices in his head.

S03E18 []. A man recalls an odd affliction his grandfather had - whenever he spoke, another voice would speak quietly underneath. A man is disturbed by his appearance-obsessed wife's strange attempts to get their daughter to lose weight. A young woman is annoyed by the puddles of water that keep appearing in odd places around her apartment. A man wakes up one morning to an odd sight in the mirror- every one of his teeth has a perfect round hole right in the middle of it. A young woman recalls the strange dreams she had as a child while she suffered from heat stroke. S03E19 [].

A man who saw a ghost playing a beautiful melody on a harp when he was a child spends years trying to recreate that heavenly sound. A man returns to his childhood home to find out once and for all what led to his brother's disappearance years ago. A man desperate to escape his dysfunctional family goes on a run in the mountains - and stumbles upon a sight he never could have expected.

A man recalls an odd story his great-grandfather used to tell him about a strange creature that would come to his window late at night. A young woman leaves something at work and goes back to the building late at night to retrieve it S03E20 []. A man goes home after a long day of work and checks on the security feed from his office for the day - and finds out that a terrifying creature was watching him. A man recalls the terrifying thing he discovered in the closet of an abandoned house during a childhood game of hide and seek. Suffering from a rare, incurable illness that causes frightening changes to her body, loner Kuroe Akaishi spends her high school days avoiding her classmates--especially class idol Arata Minami and YourTube pop sensation Yumemi Yumemite cheerfully ropes Yumeko into a publicity stunt for the student council presidential election, Kawaru Natari--a famous Hollywood actress and Yumemi's one true Crimson Magic Clan members Megumin and Yunyun are at the top of their class, but they still have a lot to learn.

Yunyun's begun learning advanced magic, but Megumin has gone down a different path-the It's that time of the month, and you know what that means This pink, anthropomorphized period's not so lean, kinda mean, and a gut-busting, butt-kicking Cavo is a hideous monster with a pure heart. Liam, on the other hand, might look like the perfect gentleman, but he's a beast on the inside, and he has an eccentric personality to boot.

When Cavo rescues There's a new student council president, and the Service Club's first job for their new leader is to help set up a Christmas event with another school. The problems keep piling up, but Hachiman The Service Club is especially busy these days now that they're handling requests via email. Even without the excitement of a major event, sometimes just the day to day is all the drama you need After Hajime reveals new information about the incident that triggered Kaori's memory loss, Yuuki decides to stop running away Shoulder Wars has taken a turn for the extreme as the Chairman's helicopter is about to crash into the academy!

Time is of the essence, but who will survive?! It's the conclusion to the Field Lessons learned at the dairy farm push Hachiken to continue working hard and move away from his past. But moving away from a past means a goal for the future Will Hachiken be able to discover After a surprise attack leaves the pink chibi Llenn and her trusty partner, M, scrambling, the pair flee to the wasteland.

Once fully healed, the two devise a strategy to eliminate their trigger-happy Haruaki's summer has only just begun, and it's turning out to be anything but a vacation! Hospitalized after getting injured in a building fire, he'll be on a bumpy road to recovery as late-night medical An Enemy Redeemed? To save Matt, the Guardians must track down the elemental gems required to open the Book of Elements, but no one ever said the task would be easy! Meanwhile, Cedric Trapped in the Book of Elements, the Guardians, Orube, and Cedric must confront Jonathan Ludmoore, the sinister alchemist who was once the servant of Phobos Freeform Fri.

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