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Eine Dokumentation. In: Akademie Sankelmark. Nordische Hospiztage. Internationale Fachtagung vom 1. Lutherisches Verlagshaus, Hannover Google Scholar. Goh S Medicalization of dying: are we turning the corner? J Palliat Med 15 7 — Herdegen M Kommentar zu Art. Hillgruber C Kommentar zu Art. Jacobson N Dignity and health: a review.

Soc Sci Med 64 2 — Kutzer K Recht auf Schmerzbehandlung. Kutzer K Strafrechtliche Grenzen der Sterbehilfe. Kutzer K Recht auf Schmerztherapie. Palliativmedizin 12 2 — Melching H Ethik in der Medizin 16 4 — Nauck F, Dlubis-Mertens K Germany has adopted a charter for the care of the critically ill and the dying.

Einstieg und Gehalt als Consultant mit Ex Head of Recruiting EY & Accenture Marcus K. Reif

Ethik in der Medizin 22 2 — Neumann V Das medizinische Existenzminimum. Palliat Med 22 3 — Gesundheitsrecht 10 9 — Google Scholar. Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Juan E. Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, 3rd edn. Salkic A, Zwick A Acronyms of dying versus patient autonomy. Saunders C Euthanasia. Bielefeld: transcript, , In: Emde, O. Budrich: Leverkusen, , With Ziai. Destruktion und Konstruktion. In: Lutz, R. Band 6 Soziale Entwicklung — Social Development.

Oldenburg: Paulo Freire Verlag, , Afrikabilder in Deutschland aus postkolonialer Perspektive. In: Marmer, E. Beltz Juventa: Weinheim, , Mit Aikins, J. Beyond refugeeswelcome: The spectre of racist violence and lessons from refugee resistance in Germany. In: Bogerts, L. Kritische Perspektiven zu Flucht und Migration nach Europa, Frankfurt: sicherheits-blog, , In: Arndt, A. A review of gender in security sector reform. Bringing post-colonial and gender theory into the debate. In: Jacob, M. A Workshop Report, Berlin, , Connecting the Dots.

Berlin: glokal, Alternativen zu Entwicklung? With Hauck, G. Rassismus global. With Berg, O. Deutsche Entwicklungspolitik. With Kleist, J. With Ziai, A; Kaltmeier, O. With Jacob, M. With Engels, B. Land, C. London: Zed Books. Anievas, A. Confronting the Global Colour Line. Langwick, S. The Matter of Maladies in Tanzania. Rao, M. Population, Gender, and Health in Neo-liberal Times. Kapoor, I. Richey, L. From the Policies to the Clinics.

Gomes, B. Baaz, M. The Paternalism of Partnership. A Postcolonial Reading of Development Politics. Harvard Africa Policy Journal, Wollrad, E. Feministische Perspektiven auf Rassismus, Kultur und Religion. In: Arndt, S. Neue Welt. With Aikins, J. Wachsende Wachstumskritik. Iz3w , , ZAG — Antirassistische Zeitschrift 70, Weniger Kinder statt bessere Versorgung? Pharma-Brief , , In: Africasacountry. Brasilicum , , Quallige Verwicklungen.

FriedensForum — Zeitschrift der Friedensbewegung 2, , All that glitters is not gold. The Rusty Radiator Awards have a bitter aftertaste. Pambazuka , Bruun Ed. Notes in Economics and Math. Sciences, Springer, ; with C. Agostinelli, "Hierarchical clustering by means of model grouping", in M.

consulting ein widerspruch Ebook

Spiliopoulou, R. Kruse, C. Borgelt, A. Nurnberger, W.

Masterstudiengang: International Business Administration

Gaul Eds. Forthcoming: with M. Dal Forno, "A comparison of different trading protocols in an agent-based market", forthcoming on Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 2. Was Visiting Student at Waseda. Forthcoming articles are on the history of the Incurabili, on the relationship between Charities and Venetian Patriciate at the beginning of the 's, on a Sixteenth Century Venice music collection and with D.

Calabi on the history of the Venetian prostitutes' distric to 's. Slaner Chair for the Study of Racism and anti-Semitism. Served as head of the Department of Jewish History in Author of Beyond the Corporeal. Main research fields: social and aesthetic issues in Catalan literature at the turn of the 19th to 20th century; the rising to the social scale in the European literature of the 19th century, with special focus on the role of industrial towns such as Barcelona; the political transition to democracy and its reflection on literature.

Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Boston College. His publications include: Reading Habermas. Communitarianism in Ethics. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, Forthcoming: "What is Neoconservatism? Professor, Waseda University School of Law. General editor of "Cybercrime and Security" Oceana Publications, New York , a 3-volume series on law and security issues worldwide. The series includes contributions from 25 countries worldwide, and is an ongoing looseleaf service.

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Also, she is co-author with Dr. Irene McLaughlin et al. Laurea in Architecture and dottorato in History of Architecture Iuav.

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Taught at VIU in the Fall semesters of , , and Contributed to the exhibition Palladio nel Nord Europa. Maria Maddalena a S. Giovanni in Oleo e S. Salvatore a Ponte Rotto, in "Annali", X, , pp. Nevola and F. Bardati, Ashgate: Oxford. Current projects are on Italian 16thth Century sketchbooks in French collections; the production and circulation of Architectural Prints in Europe in the 16th Century; "foreigners" in 15th and 16th Century Venetian painting.

Professor at Boston College. Curtis J. Richardson, Duke University Spring Semester. Areas of expertise: wetland ecology, biogeochemistry, coastal zone management, ecology, environmental chemistry, soil science, water quality, restoration of wetland functions and structure on the landscape. Also interested in effects of climate change on wetland processes, and in invasive species.

Has been Resident Legal Advisor to the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria, managing the Legal consultance Program as part of the Technical Assistance loan of the Word Bank, appointed by Harvard University Sofia, ; Legal Consultant to the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria, drafting a land registration law and amendments to the substantive law on immovable property, including mortgage law , sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Published articles on German-Japanese comparative law, on the law of privatization in Bulgaria. Edited a collection of Bulgarian laws concerning the economic sector. Printworld P Ltd. Professor of German Literature at Duke. Member of the editorial board of the "German Quaterly". Taught at Yale University. Duke University Press Her research interests include genre criticism and narrative theory, modern Hindi literature, literary communities and canon formation, Hindi popular cinema, representation of religious space in Iranian and Hindi cinema and nationalism in Hindi films.

Specialist in Renaissance painting in Venice and Northern Italy esp.

Globalization Program - Venice International University

She has reserached cases of patronage, notably by Alfonso I d'Este and by religious confraternities. Lecturer at IUAV in soft skills, negotiation, self-management, problem-solving, crucial communication and cultural anthropology. Translated Vitruvius in English Penguin.

Zur Krise der Vermittlung, G. Zimmermann, N. Korrek Eds. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa, edited by G. Beltramini, H. Chatenet, C. Mignon, Paris, ; "Gianni Berengo Gardin. English Thoughts", Casabella , dicembre - gennaio She has published over fifty essays on Elizabethan theatre, intertextuality, Shakespeare, Stoppard, Pinter and others, and is currently preparing a book on Harold Pinter.

She has organized several international conferences on theatre and was a fellow at Salzburg Seminar in the session on "Shakespeare Around the Globe", in the year Taught at the Universities of Toronto, Haifa and Nice. Edited with S. Simonsohn , Vols. Toch ed , Wirtschaftsgeschichte der mittelalterlichen Juden, Munich, , Pp. Cluse et al. Hannover, , Pp. Her specialty is Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature, with a particular focus on lyric poetry, rhetoric, and historical linguistics.

M.A. in Responsible Management – Lecturers

She has edited troubadour lyrics in Bruckner, M. Garland Publishing, ]. She is currently working on a book about the family as it is protrayed in Renaissance comedy. In February , she began a public reading of the Divine Comedy at Boston College, which is now at the midpoint of the Comedy. Laurie Shepard lives with her husband, two sons, and a shaggy dog in Newton, Massachusetts. She enjoys the Italian language, cooking and eating with family and friends, discussing politics, reading, music, gardening, and hiking.

He is author of essays and discourses for several German radio stations. For ten years she coordinated the remote sensing of the Venetian lagoon for the Venice Water Authority. Research interests: remote sensing applied to vegetation mapping, soil studies, hydrology, tidal morphology and coastal water quality; remote sensing and GIS applied to the identification of illegal landfills and contaminated sites; hyperspectral imagery analysis; large-scale multi-criteria analysis GIS ; salt marsh evolution modelling; relationship between wetlands morphology and vegetation.

Since he is Professor at Waseda University, where, until , he was Dean of the School of International Liberal Studies, in which he teaches a variety of courses including a seminar in Linguistic and Cultural Understanding. Previously taught at Tsukuba University. Has a long experience of teaching English in Japan. Med in Medical Science Tohoku , Dr. Sci Science University of Tokyo , and Dr.

Received various awards, authored or co-authored publications and proceedings mainly in Bio-acoustics, Medical imaging and instrumentation, Tissue characterization, Pharmaceutical engineering, Drug Delivery System, Nanotechnology; Education and Psychology, Education technology, Motivation mechanisms and Field study on Higher education. Among his publications: My reborn by Soetanto's Effect, the infinite human potential educational system.

Andreas E.H. Heck

Watarai Boundary Vol. Toin Research Bulletin Vol. Professor in the Department of Philosophy, at BC. Previously taught at the Universities of Lille, Brussels and Louvain. Main field of research and of teaching : Medieval and Modern Philosophy.

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  6. Especially interested in Modern Scholastic and its influence on 17th C. Favorite subjects: Metaphysics the problem of time, the concept of representation , Natural Philosophy intensification of forms , Theories of Soul, and Ethics. Autour d'un anonyme. Draper ed. On the Metaphysical and historical interest of some strange quodlibetal questions, in Schabel, Christopher ed. Foisneau ed. A and M. A from the University of Haifa, Israel; Ph. Research focuses on traumatic stress and especially on the psychological sequel of combat stress reactions, war captivity and the Holocaust.

    She published six books on psychic trauma related issues. She has also published over articles and more than 50 chapters. She was a member of the Editorial board of the "Journal of Traumatic Stress" and she is currently with the editorial board of "The Journal of Personal and Interpersonal Loss".

    Born in Stockholm, Sweden, of English and German parents. Completed his organ diploma in Cape Town South Africa, where he was engaged in professional music, playing percussion and piano and directing and training the chorus for opera and choral performances. Gian Carlo Menotti, composer and founder of the Spoleto Festival, invited him to be the assistant music director at his festivals in Italy and the USA. His first CD, issued by Brilliant, conducting the complete guitar concertos of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, was awarded a 5-star rating by the two principal music magazines in Italy, "Amadeus" and "Musica".

    MA in History and Ph. She is professor of Early Modern History and she is the vicedirector of researches in her Department. At the present time, she is engaged in a project about the overlapping between powerful families and institutions in a space of power as was the cathedral of Girona. Professor of Philosophy at BC. Taught Law at Tilburg. Apart from research, that focuses on the ideals in Law, she works on the development of a pragmatic legal theory and on research on the importance of Literature for Law.

    In her research, her focus is on Law in relation to other disciplines, such as Ethics, Philosophy and Literature. She has published in both international and national journals and in collections.

    Hans Joachim Schliep

    Also author of: 'Nationalism, nation-buiding and society in Africa: fateful connections', Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism, , pp. Recent fieldwork includes a research on Italian Migrants in North Queensland, on indigenous songs, paintings and dance from Northeast Arnhem Land in Australia, and on The representation of Australian Indigenous art in Italy.

    Recent publications in English include: "Showzoff and Positivity. It's Funny How Irony works, eh? Leonard ed. Lea, E. Kowal and G. Cowlishaw eds. Wallace , "Towards an Experiential Archaeology. Bruno, I. McNiven and B. Barker eds. Music Academy, Jerusalem , B. Musicological Studies and Documents, Philippe Vendrix. Rektor of the Munich School of Political Science. Forthcoming: with B. Mayerhofer Die Himmelsleiter. Professor of Economics at Duke. Interested in a variety of fields financial policy, development economics, macro and microeconomics and particularly International Economics trade and finance.

    Was Consultant to the World Bank Gibbs and O. Kaempfer and T. Rowley ed. Routledge, 19 pp. Harney , in The Journal of Investing, 20 pp. Gokcekus and J. Philips Public Choice, 20 pp. Recent publications include: 'Art Interpretation as Subject Constitution. Las aportaciones de Pollock y Bal a los estudios visuales'.

    Mujer y cultura visual, num. Currently working on a critical edition and Spanish translation of a collection of articles by Griselda Pollock, which cover her career to the present times, and a book on critical art histories and posthistorical theories. Present research interests include: Sustainability and Economics, focusing on Land and Urban Sustainability. Wouter E. Research and publication topics also include: Western fundamentalism and the ups and downs of apocalyptic discourses; comparative apocalyptic movements; local impact of tourism in Africa.

    Doctorate in Andragology Free University of Amsterdam. Gijsbertus C. Other publications in English include: 'The Coalition of the Willing. Or: Can Sovereignty Be Shared? On Heteronomy in Public Autonomy. Schaap ed , Law and Agonistic Politics. Farnham — Burlington, Ashgate, , pp. Lindahl ed , A Right to Inclusion and Exclusion? Oxford: Hart Publishing, , pp. Vranken , 'Morality Incorporated? Some Peculiarities of Legal Thinking. Special Issue: H. Lindahl — E. Claes eds.

    James M. Rhodes College , M. Princeton Theological Seminary , M. Author of books in English on Japanese History and Religion. Laurea Ca' Foscari. Uomini e donne nei mondi dell'Islam, Marsilio, Venezia ; Venezia e l'origine della stampa in caratteri arabi, Poligrafo, Padova ; Islam.

    XXV, 3, s. Degree and Ph. Professor of French Language at Waseda. Main field of study: Post-war French modern poetry, specifically the transitive aspect of the poem and the ethical values attached. He is author, with Hiroshi Yamada, of a text on how to write in French. As a Member of the C. Civil Society, the State and Culture in Comparative Perspective, Special Research Project of the University of Tsukuba he is co-directing a research project on the relationship between the community and writing in France since Well known for her publications on: Fashion; Gender politics; Gustave Flaubert.

    Author of Fashion Zeitgeist. He has published on Kant and Wittgenstein, on the philosophy of language and action, on ethics and the theory of rationality. He recently published "Die Moeglichkeit des Guten. Ethik im Jahrhundert" , "Ludwig Wittgenstein" and "Solipsismus und Sprachkritik. He is presently involved in a number of interdisciplinary research projects on, e. He was member of the Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft , is member of a number of committees in higher education, and is member of the board of universities in Germany Universitaetsrat Schleswig-Holstein, Hochschulrat Univ.

    Professor at the English Department of BC. She has published on eighteenth-century women writers, eighteenth-century consumer culture, and most recently on the way that the British slave trade has been remembered and represented in the popular imagination. She has beenthe editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Feminist Literary Theory. Previously taught at Fairfield University. Murphy and A-K. Makdisi, C. Casarino, R. Callari, C. Biewener, and S. Cullenberg, Guilford Publications, New York Willem J. He wrote six books and numerous articles in these areas in Dutch and edited books on the relevance of the Legal Theory of Lon Fuller and on the social and symbolic effects of legislation in English.

    Between and he was a Member of the Senate of the Netherlands. Produced various adaptations, designs and translations for the stage: including adaptation and design of the Anna Frank's Diaries and the translation of The Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello. He directed and was scriptwriter for movies, such as Heat short, productions and Farenheim TV Featurette, productions, screened by Israel TV in A in Political Economy Turin , M. He has been consultant of the World Bank. Magister Artium and Dr. Book publications in English include: Fichte's Transcendental Philosophy.

    President of the Italian Association of Urban History. Main field of interest: architecture and the city, conservation and planning in 19thth Century Italy. Publications in English include: Venice. An architectural guide , Arsenale, Venice Spring Office hours and contacts Fall Office hours and contacts Fall Office hours and contacts Spring Office hours and contacts. Hiroshi Nishihara.